AGSE 2018 will offer a program headlined with keynote speakers covering special topics relevant to our community!

  • Alex Mudabeti, Executive: GIS and NSDI (Namibia Statistics Agency): Namibia’s National Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • Phillip Luhl, Namibia University of Science and Technology: Namibia Mass Housing Project, humanitarian crisis derived from housing shortage. Development of a spatial database for housing needs.
  • Elago Nantana, Managing Director NAMIB GEOMATICS TECHNOLOGIES: Private sector perspectives
  • F.-J. Behr, HFT Stuttgart, Germany: Open Source as Inner Habit and the Impact of the OSGeo Foundation
  • Christine Brönner, Geoinformation Management and Interoperability Expert (Germany): Special Presentation: Geospatial Support in the Context of Internal Displacement Caused by Natural Disasters
  • Phillip Luhl, Namibia University of Science and Technology (Namibia): Informal Urbanization and Housing in Namibia: Confronting a Humanitarian Crisis
  • Dietrich Schröder, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (Germany): Geoinformation and GIS Applications in the
    Context of the Renewable Energy Revolution
  • Stuart Martin, ESRI South Africa: A Geospatial Platform for Disaster / Crisis Management